If you are still in doubt as to whether Amazon is right for your company, you can read some of our previous cases on this page.

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be-ahead customer cases

Sv. Michelsen – achieved record sales on Amazon

The big Christmas sale has not only increased brand awareness but also the repurchase rate significantly, so that daily sales are now significantly higher than the year before. The strategy has proven effective, and Sv. Michelsen now sees Amazon as an important channel for promoting exports and is open to further scaling.

A.C. Perchs – Scandinavia’s oldest tea company

With a fundamental understanding of product listing and shipping on Amazon and an agile approach to it, new products are continuously added to Amazon. Products associated with special occasions (such as Advent, Christmas, Valentine's Day) have contributed to increasing the conversion rate for all traffic to over 10%. 15% of all orders are repeat orders, with a growing trend month by month.

Sprout World – becoming a global role model for sustainability through Amazon

With more than 100.000 Sprout products sold on Amazon U.S. and Europe, Amazon has proven to be the ideal sales channel in terms of revenue growth as well as getting wide-reaching exposure to the Sprout brand and philosophy.

Sanita gets a 400% increase in revenue with product page optimization and Amazon Sponsored Brands campaigns

With continuous optimization of product descriptions, a strong Brand webstore and visible ads directing customers to the webstore, Sanita has hit a new sales record.

Ilse Jacobsen – reaching new customer groups with Amazon Display

Since 2021, Amazon has had a keen focus on enabling Brands to reach new customer groups. These cutting-edge marketing tools have given Ilse Jacobsen sky-high conversion rates and low ACOS.

Nordic Roast – From 2 to 9 markets in one year

Based on an in-depth analysis of Nordic Roast’s potential on Amazon, the company, today, is selling products on all Amazon sites in Europe.

Bug Bite Thing – Shark Tank success in the U.S. kickstarts sales on Amazon in Europe

As the #1 product on in the ‘Insect Bite Treatments’ category with more than 43,000 reviews, Bug Bite is now heading for success in Europe.

Scan Dimension – SOL 3D Scanner gets a top spot on Amazon Japan

With marketing closely following their competitors, Scan Dimension takes a bite of the Japanese market for 3D scanners.

The Army Painter – 532% growth on Amazon in just 1 year

532% growth on Amazon in just 1 year. A clear export strategy, SEO-optimized product pages, dedicated effort to gathering reviews and a more aggressive marketing model gave us the leaders jersey on Amazon.