Scan Dimension - SOL 3D Scanner gets a top spot on Amazon Japan

Who is Scan Dimension?

Scan Dimension develops user-friendly, 3D scanners that create digital copies of physical items. They have had a significant presence on Amazon for years, and today the company is growing globally.


Scan Dimension wanted to expand the reach of their brand, products and message.

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Be-ahead reopened Scan Dimension’s Amazon account in the U.S. based on existing data which indicated that there was significant growth potential in the U.S. market. Since then, Scan Dimensions has launched their products on Amazon Europe and Japan with a business strategy tailored to each individual market. Product pages, pictures and descriptions were optimized with particular attention to price and other competitors on the platform. Lastly, the company started using videos in their digital marketing strategy to increase conversion rates.


With large sales volumes and plenty of reviews, the SOL 3D scanner is currently a top 3 product in the 3D Scanner category on, & Scan Dimension’s Amazon reviews are even used on the company’s own website.