Nordic Roast went from 2 to 9 markets in one year

Who is Nordic Roast?

Nordic Roast is a Danish company producing Chai Latte instant powder in a wide variety of flavors. A combination of high-quality ingredients, great taste and classic design has already made Nordic Roast a giant success in Scandinavia.


Nordic Roast had an awkward start to Amazon after getting their account initially shut down. The company contacted be-ahead because they wanted to reassess the platform’s potential; could Amazon be the online channel that elevated Nordic Roast products to new international heights? Answering that question required an analysis of the products’ journey on Amazon thus far, and its potential considering existing demand, competitors, prices, and reviews.


Be-ahead got Nordic Roast’s account re-opened. We implemented a new Amazon strategy focused on getting reviews, updating product descriptions with SEO optimization and new pictures and videos to increase sales and improve Nordic Roast’s ranking on Amazon. With a marketing campaign aimed at increasing awareness about the brand, Nordic Roast’s exposure on Amazon has reached far and wide.


Today, Nordic Roast has more than 900 positive product reviews on Amazon in Europe. After seeing a 200% revenue increase in its existing markets, Nordic Roast has expanded with an additional 6 markets. Some of these markets have proven to be great growth opportunities for the company and their products. Marketing campaigns are tailored to each market individually which has contributed to enhanced growth and brand recognition in Europe. Nordic Roast has become an ‘Amazon Choice’ product in several countries.