Reviews provide security.

When new customers come across your products, they look at your product reviews as one of the first things. That’s why it’s important that your products receive many and positive reviews.


Product Reviews

Product Reviews, as the name suggests, are reviews that focus on the product itself. As such, they have nothing to do with delivery or customer service. It is solely the user’s experience with the product and its quality, price, and what has been promised in the description of the product that matters here. Product reviews are displayed on the product page and use 1-5 star ranking. Product Reviews typically include both a star rating and a comment.

Amazon Seller Feedback

Amazon Seller Feedback is a system that makes it more transparent for Amazon’s customers to evaluate previous customers’ experiences with your brand. Your seller feedback is, therefore, incredibly important for your brand’s success on Amazon as it indicates the quality of the service you provide. Seller Feedback is rated from 1-5 stars, and customers can leave their review up to 90 days after their purchase. An important point about Seller Feedback is that it not only affects future customers’ experience of your service but also Amazon’s algorithm: your product’s ranking on Amazon’s search results takes into account customer experience. This is one of the main reasons why we recommend using Amazon FBA.