Becoming a global role model for sustainability through Amazon

Who is Sprout World?

Back in 2013, a group of students from Denmark’s Technical University (DTU) was tasked to design the office space of the future. They chose to focus on pencils and developed the first-ever pencil which can be re-planted after use. Today, the pencil is sold worldwide with the aim of encouraging people to incorporate sustainability principles into their everyday life. Use and re-use.


Sprout World had the ambition to be a role model for green change worldwide and saw Amazon as a potential avenue for sales. In 2019, Sprout World launched their pencils on Amazon U.S. and Europe, and in 2021, Sprout Eyepencils followed suit.

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In close collaboration with be-ahead, Sprout is now meeting all the requirements for Amazon’s sales algorithm to ‘stop by’. Sprout is using most of Amazon’s marketing opportunities, they are gathering reviews, and they are buying the best ad spots on the site. This strategy has ensured significant sales growth, positive customer reviews and top rankings in relevant Amazon categories.


Today, Sprout World has had more than 800.000 views on Amazon, sold more than 100.000 products, and has been selected as ‘Amazon Choice” in the makeup category with Sprout Eyeliner.