A.C. Perchs – Scandinavia's oldest tea company

Who is A.C. Perchs?

A.C. Perchs is a renowned Danish company that has been selling tea to thirsty Danes since 1835. Today, A.C. Perchs is Scandinavia’s oldest tea company.


As part of their export strategy, A.C. Perchs decided in 2022 to open a tea shop in Stockholm. They also wanted to expand their presence in the Swedish market and explored opportunities to sell selected products on Amazon.se. This is where be-ahead stepped in.

In close collaboration, the potential for selling tea and tea tins on Amazon was analyzed. The conclusion was that A.C. Perchs should not only sell their products on Amazon.se but also on Amazon.de. A total of 40 products were listed on these markets.


Together with be-ahead’s SEO specialists, A.C. Perchs’ e-commerce team went through a detailed process in:

How to list products on Amazon, including all the “do’s and don’ts”, so that A.C. Perchs can now correctly list their products with respect to keywords, images, titles, etc.

How to handle the logistical aspect of Amazon, also with the associated “do’s and don’ts”.

A launch strategy for the German market was developed, and advertising was initiated by be-ahead.dk.


With a fundamental understanding of product listing and shipping on Amazon and an agile approach to it, new products are continuously added to Amazon. Products associated with special occasions (such as Advent, Christmas, Valentine’s Day) have contributed to increasing the conversion rate for all traffic to over 10%. 15% of all orders are repeat orders, with a growing trend month by month. Buyers of the beautiful Perchs tea tins with the fine logo now also buy loose tea from Perchs to fill the tins. Brand awareness campaigns with both videos and atmospheric images have helped to increase brand awareness, and search volume for the brand name is growing. Around 40% of the total sales now come from organic search traffic.