The queen of the rain boot is going global. On Amazon, Ilse Jacobsen is in control of her own Brand.

Who is Ilse Jacobsen?

Ilse Jacobsen opened her first store in 1993 in the idyllic coastal town of Hornbæk known for its unique nature close to both forests and beaches. Over the years, Ilse Jacobsen has developed a lifestyle universe which includes rain clothes, rain boots, sneakers, and flip-flops. The Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk lifestyle brand is sold in countries across the globe.


Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk started its journey on Amazon as a Vendor. However, with sky-high return rates, refunds and unexplainable charges from Amazon, the company needed to find another more sustainable sales model on the platform.


Instead, Ilse Jacobsen was registered as a Seller on Amazon with Germany and the UK as its first two markets. Focusing on the best-selling products, a carefully designed size guide as well as contemporary product and lifestyle pictures, Ilse Jacobsen went live on Amazon with A+ product pages and a brand-new webstore.


Today, the Ilse Jacobsen brand on Amazon is represented in the way Ilse Jacobsen intended with full control over product pages, photos, inventory, and pricing. Ilse Jacobsen, today, has ad banners at strategic placements on the site with superb conversion rates through Amazon Ads. With Amazon Display, the company have gained wide exposure on and outside Amazon with a total TACOS of 8%