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We have developed a cost calculator that can show you the expenses associated with selling on Amazon. By simply clicking the button, you can calculate your contribution margin and determine the profitability of your Amazon venture. This model applies to the following countries:

  • Germany
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  • The Netherlands
  • Japan
  • USA
  • France
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Below is a selection of our many services, which can be found in the menu for further details.


Our team works on establishing a pricing strategy, product assortment, channel conflict resolution, necessary internal and external resources, sales methods, and brand strategy.


We specialize in creating optimized product listings, which include bullet points, images, infographics, and titles. We also provide brand store and A+ content services.


Advertising is a powerful tool that can significantly increase the visibility of your products and brand, thereby enhancing the potential for higher revenue. We can help you incorporate advertising as a key element in your overall strategy.

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In 2027, 59% of all online sales are predicted to occur through third-party platforms. If you are not already present on the world’s largest B2C platform, Amazon, it will become even more important for you in the coming years.

By choosing Amazon as your trading platform, you can reach 340 million people in Europe, offering significant growth potential and an opportunity to “export” your brand without losing your foothold.

As a brand owner on Amazon, you can determine the look and feel of your brand, and you will have more control over your products than any other sellers on the platform. You can also ensure the quality of your brand by registering it on Amazon

and having more control over how it is presented.

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