Content is what sells.

Content on Amazon is what the customer sees and reads when they land on your product page. It’s what the customer falls in love with, but it could also scare them away if not done properly. The right content is therefore essential if you are to succeed on Amazon.



Amazon’s search engine, like any other search engine, compares searched keywords against relevant products. Companies use SEO to improve their ranking on Google. The concept is very similar on Amazon. Therefore, companies should take time researching customers’ most-used keywords as well as competitors’ ranking on Amazon before listing their products on the platform.

With the keyword analysis in hand, it is possible to develop product titles, bullets and descriptions. Using specific terms and keywords will optimize the chance of your product placing at the top of your customer’s hit list on Amazon. It is an art form that is perfected over time but you will quickly get an indication of which products you should bet on to optimize your sales.

Based on keyword analysis, we create the product (PDP), A+ and Brandstory. In advance, we talk about specific requirements for the company’s visual identity on Amazon.