Sanita gets a 400% increase in revenue with product page optimization and Amazon Sponsored Brands campaigns

Who is Sanita?

Sanita is a Danish brand that produces and sells clogs to women and men. They focus on marrying sustainability, quality and style in their designs. Sanita clogs are fit for both professional and everyday use. For years, the brand has been an Amazon Vendor, meaning they have sold their products directly to Amazon.


Sanita contacted be-ahead hoping to get a partner who could assist in creating and optimizing their Amazon Europe product pages. In 2019 Sprout World launched their pencils on Amazon in the US and Europe and in 2021 Sprout Eyepencils followed.

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Be-ahead conducted a thorough upgrade of Sanita’s product catalogue on Amazon. More than 1000 unique products on 5 markets were piled together, SEO optimized in local languages, got new pictures, and placed on a Brand webstore which is being updated regularly.


Today, the majority of Sanita products sold on Amazon Europe are controlled by Sanita. The brand, today, is selling its own products on the Amazon platform, and in the last 12 months, they have increased their revenue by 400%.