Advertising will boost your brand.

Did you know that the conversion rate on Amazon Advertising is almost ten times higher than on Google AdWords? There are a variety of different campaign types you can use, and the opportunities available to show your ads where the customer is, are constantly expanding.


Brand Webstore

As a brand, you have the unique opportunity to create your own “Webshop” on Amazon, where you can invite customers into your universe. You can direct targeted campaigns into your Brandstore, where your entire product range can be experienced. External traffic from platforms such as Facebook, Tik Tok, or Google can also be directed to this page, where you can measure the results of these efforts.

Sponsored product

Sponsored Product​

With Sponsored Products campaigns, you have the opportunity to appear at the top of search results.

Sponsored Brand

This campaign is exclusive to brands. With this advertising format, you get broad exposure of selected products in banner format at the top of the page. This is a campaign type used if you want to build your brand on Amazon and create increased awareness around your product.

Sponsored product
Sponsored display

Sponsored Display​

Sponsored Display campaigns are also reserved for Brands. This campaign format utilizes remarketing campaigns to reach new audiences. You also have the opportunity to display your banner both on Amazon and outside of Amazon.

Sponsored Display Video (beta)

As a Brand, you can now showcase videos that paint a precise picture of your product. The placement of your videos constantly changes, from the front page of Amazon to placements outside of Amazon. This ad format is expected to gain ground this year.

Sponsered Brand video

With this ad format, you as a Brand have the opportunity to take a significant space and stand out very clearly with a video. The ads are based on CPC and lead directly to the product page.

Vine (reviews)

Vine is Amazon’s own review system where, for a small fee, you can give away up to 30 products in exchange for recipients writing a review of your product based on their experience. Assuming your product and product listing are good, this method is the cheapest and most effective marketing you can do on Amazon. However, Vine can only be used once per product with up to 30 reviews. We advise against any other review gathering as it may result in the closure of your Amazon account.t