There are several things to consider before launching a business on Amazon. There are many opportunities and many challenges. And the possibilities continue once you get started. We want to share our insights and knowledge with you.

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The future is on Amazon

Amazon is on its way, but the fiery debates are already here: should we fear the conglomerate or welcome it with open arms?

What is Amazon and how does it work?

Amazon is the world’s largest online retail platform. 45 % of all online shopping in the U.S. happens on Amazon, and each day the company delivers around 1.6 million packages to customers.

FBA vs FBM – What is the best fit for your company?

How do you sell on Amazon? That is a question we often hear when we are out talking to businesses about their potential on Amazon.

5 Mistakes New Sellers Make on Amazon

When you are new in the game, it’s easy to get your fingers burned. Here are the 5 things you need to know before launching on Amazon.

What is Seller Feedback and Customer Reviews?

Become more attractive to the Amazon algorithm by gathering plenty of good reviews from your customers. Here is two ways on how to do it.

How to get reviews on Amazon

There are a number of software programs which help sellers get reviews. Here is what you need to know.

How to ‘buy’ reviews on Amazon

Paying for customer reviews is an absolute no-go on Amazon but …. there is one exception.

Are all Amazon reviews worth the same?

Obviously, 5-star reviews are better than 1-star reviews but the Amazon algorithm cares about more than just stars.

Buy Box – Priority #1 if you want to be successful on Amazon

Buy Box is priority #1 If you want to be successful on Amazon. Familiarizing yourself with the concept early on is a must.

What you definitely shouldn’t do to get reviews on Amazon

We will cover all the things you shouldn’t do if you want to stay friends with the e-commerce giant.