Bug Bite Thing - Shark Tank success in the U.S. kickstarts sales on Amazon in Europe.

Who is Bug Bite Thing?

Bug Bite Thing Europe is a Danish entrepreneurial fairytale. The product was developed in a small town in Denmark in 1993 and ended up on the American TV show, Shark Tank, in 2019. All ‘sharks’ in the show wanted to invest in the company and with more than 7 million viewers, Bug Bite Thing got an invaluable platform to launch their product on Amazon. Today, the company has ‘the go-to product’ for insect bites on Amazon in the U.S., Canada and South America.

The product extracts venom from insect bites to relieve irritation without using chemicals.


With a strong market position on Amazon.com, the company wanted to scale their Amazon business Europe-wide. They were looking for a collaborator with unique expertise on Amazon in the U.S. and Europe to take full advantage of these synergies.


With SEO-optimized product pages, an informative and visually appetizing Brand Store and Brand Story, Bug Bite has launched their product, ready to climb the rankings in relevant product categories. Marketing campaigns tailor-made for each individual market is ensuring wide-reaching brand exposure. We have also initiated the process of piling all the company’s many reviews together.


With more than 43,000 reviews, Bug Bite has made it to the top of the bestseller list in its product category. Getting a spot on the bestseller list has produced significant sales growth. Today, Bug Bite is also an ‘Amazon Choice’ product.

Be-ahead continues to help Bug Bite gather positive reviews, meet sales targets and take full advantage of Amazon’s products’, as a result, the company has maintained their strong position on the sales platform.