The Army Painter – 532% growth on Amazon in just 1 year

Who is The Army Painter?

The Army Painter produces and develops paint and equipment for wargamers. Bo and Jonas, founders of The Army Painter, wanted to make it easy for anyone to start playing so they developed some of the most user-friendly paint and equipment. Since their launch in 2007, The Army Painter has gotten a huge amount of interest from U.S. customers.


The company has secured large portions of the U.S. market with their American collaborator and saw great potential in Europe. With a wish to handle sales in Europe more independently, they were looking for a partner with expertise in Amazon Europe, who could manage the expansion across all European markets; a partner with experience in e-commerce, logistics and the everyday hurdles on Amazon.

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In collaboration with The Army Painter, be-ahead made a roadmap for the company’s expansion in Europe in 2019. We identified key performance indicators and set ambitious targets for the first year. Starting with Germany, the company launched their full product portfolio with SEO-optimized product pages. We developed a marketing strategy and sales took off.


Focusing on conversion- and product optimization, The Army Painter sold 100.000 units in 2020. Since then, the company hasn’t slowed down with more than 200.000 units sold in 2021 and a DKK 8-figure revenue increase. Today, The Army Painter together with be-ahead has launched its full products catalog across Amazon’s European markets.