At the top of the "Licorice" category on Amazon and strong increase in turnover.

Who is Sv. Michelsen?

The Royal Purveyor, Sv. Michelsen, is one of Denmark’s oldest producers of handmade chocolate. Quality, exquisite ingredients, Fairtrade certification, and excellent craftsmanship characterize this old family-owned company. The range has since expanded to include the popular chocolate-coated licorice balls – gluten-free licorice covered with delicious chocolate and licorice powder.


Following a period of limited success on Amazon, Sv. Michelsen initiated a collaboration with be-ahead to challenge their business case for sales on Amazon.


Together, they formulated and implemented a long-term sales strategy focused on positively influencing the Amazon algorithm. Improving product descriptions and actively collecting reviews were the initial steps, as these are parameters highly valued by the algorithm. This, coupled with a well-considered pricing and delivery strategy, paved the way for a significant Christmas sale.


An intense advertising campaign in the fourth quarter attracted many thousands of visitors to Sv. Michelsen’s products and brand store. This resulted in positive reviews and impressive sales figures. The large Christmas sale has not only increased brand awareness but also significantly boosted the repurchase rate, resulting in a strong increase in daily sales. last year. The strategy has proven effective, and Sv. Michelsen now sees Amazon as an important channel for promoting exports and is open to further scaling.