How to ‘buy’ reviews on Amazon

In a previous post we covered some of the things you aren’t allowed to do when you’re asking for customer reviews. Amazon is very clear that paying for reviews is a no-go but…

There is one exception.

Amazon Vine Program

Amazon Vine Program is a tool you can use if you are a Brand owner, and you want to get more product reviews, fast.

Amazon invites select customers to participate in the Vine program. These customers receive free products from subscribed sellers, on the condition that they will write honest reviews of the products afterwards.

Participants in Amazon Vine are selected based on their engagement on the platform. First and foremost, they are chosen because other customers have found their reviews helpful. Customers who have a track record of helpful reviews and who showcase a certain expertise are more likely to be chosen. Amazon, in addition, has strict requirements for all products taking part in the program.

If you want to know more about the different requirements and the selection process behind Amazon Vine, click here.

For sellers, the main benefit of the program is being able to gather a lot of reviews from customers who are already deemed reliable by Amazon. These reviews are important for your ranking on the site and by extension, your sales.

Just keep in mind, if you are paying for reviews, always do it through authorized channels. Going around Amazon to pay customers can have serious consequences if you are caught.

We are happy to help you sign up for the Vine program – it can be the perfect way to get a head start on Amazon.