What is Seller Feedback and Customer Reviews
- and why are they important?

At be-ahead, we know that Amazon lives up to the name. It is a jungle for better and for worse. Every day, 1.3 million products are added to the platform. There are lots to discover and a lot of places to get lost. That is why it is a good idea to bring a guide when you start your adventure in the world’s largest e-commerce jungle.

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According to CEO and founder, Jeff Bezos, the Amazon business model is based on ‘customer obsession’. He is quoted for saying that “Customer obsession is one of the approaches we take in every single thing that we do.”. It is therefore no surprise that customer reviews play a big part in sellers’ success on Amazon. This might be quite self-explanatory. Afterall, most people know not to choose the Airbnb where several guests have complained about the clogged toilet. Similarly, you should probably also stay away from that travel agent who has a history of mixing up customers’ plane tickets and hotel bookings.

When a customer searches for a product on Amazon, many factors weigh in on which product is shown at the top of the search results. For now, we will only focus on Customer Reviews and Seller Feedback as these are the most important factors for sales. In this post, you will learn the difference between Seller Feedback and Customer Reviews, and why the distinction is so important.

What is the difference between Seller Feedback and Customer Reviews?

Seller feedback are reviews which pertain to you as the seller. Customer reviews are reviews of the product. It’s easy to mix up the two, but there are significant differences which is why it’s important to tell them apart.

You will find Seller Feedback when you click on ’other sellers on Amazon’ under the Buy Box on the product page. Here you will get a list of all sellers that offer the product in the color and size of your choice. If you click on the percent value after the stars, you’ll see all reviews by date. This is how Seller Feedback is shown on Amazon.

Customer Reviews are visible to anyone visiting the product page. It looks like this:

Both review types use stars to rate satisfaction.

Seller Feedback – has the customer journey been satisfactory?

When a customer gives feedback, it will typically involve the shipment and delivery of the product i.e. the customer’s full experience: was the product delivered at the agreed time, was it packaged properly, and did it match the description?

No matter if you sell as FBA or FBM, you should prioritize gathering Seller Feedback.

Both FBA and FBM sellers have the option to appeal negative feedback. You can even request Amazon to take down negative Seller Feedback – read more here. Negative feedback will affect your rating as a seller, so it is important to get them removed.

As an FBA seller, Amazon is responsible for customers’ shopping experience including delivering the right orders on time. We also know that the Amazon algorithm prioritizes FBA sellers because the delivery is faster. Your Amazon ranking will undoubtedly benefit from switching to FBA and getting more positive Seller Feedback.

Customer Reviews – do customers like your product and does it meet expectations?

Customer Reviews are product-specific. It can concern things like the product size or the color likeness. Star ratings accompany the product and are typically shown at the top of the product page just below the title. Once again, it is important to read reviews as they are often carefully read by new customers and help push your product. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to appeal or remove bad Customer Reviews.

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